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ABOUT US web site was founded by Aylan Nak. Rek. Paz. Ltd. Şti., the company that was established by Suvat Aylan dated back to 1989. Company was initially involved on providing intermediary service between shipowners and dry cargo brokers. Because of internet was not active within those dates, Mr. Aylan was collecting open ship positions calling the available shipowners by phone and there after writing them by an old fashioned type writer even spending his nights at his office. After completion of the list,  initially he had considered  to deliver them by normal mail to the dry cargo brokers, but he received several complaints advising that mails were arriving quite late in the week, so the brokers were unable to reach open ships without a list. After receiving these complaints, then he decided to deliver the list by visiting the potential shipbrokers and usually he was spending 2/3 days for visiting all members  for delivery of the prepared open position lists.As you know, from those difficult days thanks to technology that,  later computerised telex system, more new internet renovated and e-mail system became active in our daily works. We have given this brief story in order to clarify how one company can get success within the time framework and offcourse resolution of company founders.    

Aylan Group Co. Ltd. is engaged on 3 main businesses below.

1.       Shipdata  : Through shipdata,current domestic and international ship positions are being collected by the system and at the end of week the current ship positions are broadcasted to

the members at shipdata website and all members are updated with new list by e-mails.

Shipdata also provides online fixture services to its members that each member can use the benefits of online fixture service at anytime during the day. This internet platform enables members to make ship or cargo searches online and also enables them to make fixture online. For detailed information you can visit website.


2.       Ship-spare : An international internet platform which enables marine suppliers to exhibit their ship spares and stores online for potential domestic and international buyers. Both sellers and buyers can become members free of charge in order to get benefits of our services. The detailed information about this web site is given here-below.


3.       Shipconsulting : Aylan shipconsulting was newly established Project of of which main aim is to assist shipowners before making difficult decisions in their quite stresffull days. Ship consulting was classified into various sub-sections from preparation of feasibility studies before ship purchase as well as charter party preparation and consulting services. For detailed information you can visit us at website.            



-------------------------------------------------------------------------- web gathering international marine suppliers and purchasers with Turkish Marine Suppliers and purchasers in one place. You can become member of our site free of charge. If you are marine supplier, you can broadcast your products at our site for view of national and international purchasers. If you are purchaser, you can find the best product at very competitive prices at our web site. To become member is so simple. You should fill in quite short membership form by clicking on “new member” button. If you are marine supplier you can add your products for broadcasting by simply clicking on “add new product” button and then you can add images and other specifications about the products you aim to display.  Beside of this, you may enter your specified page at any time and you may list, ammend and delete your products displayed in the site. However the suppliers are strictly required to delete the products, which are unavailable at their stocks, from the site once they are sold.      If the concerned products can not be deleted, they are required to inform site administration by e-mail immediately. Otherwise, the buyers were being wrongly informed and then regret the site administration will have right to collect a fine of 2% upon the sale value of those products from the concerned marine supplier.









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