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Product, Service and Supplier Agreement

You should read and confirm the terms / conditions of this Agreement in order to become registered supplier to Aylan Nak.Rek.Paz.Co.Ltd. Web sites ( / Net / Org and ).

a )You must edit the correct , true and complete information in order to become registered product or service supplier.

b )The price of product or service you recorded is the sale price to us and our company will sell your product or service adding marketing comission on it.

c )The product or service you have added to be taken over the place of delivery where you have recorded.Courrier and transportation costs to be paid receivers.

d )Once sale process of the product or service, that you have added, is completed, you must supply the product or provide the service. Otherwise you shall be subject for a fine of 2% upon the sale value of product or service.

e ) In case that the product or service you have added can not be supplied or provided, then you must log in your member account and open your product page and turn the product or service to “passive” or “sold condition.

f ) The product or service you added, to be marketed by us and the related orders to be supplied from yours.

g ) You are not permitted to write your company contact details into product or service information page. If any contact detail is seen, the related information may be deleted by site administration and your product may be turned into passive condition or your account may be surrendered.

h ) In case the prices of product or service you have added is higher than the market prices, then the marketing of related product or service may be ceased by our company.

i ) The terms / conditions of this Agreement may be partly or completely revised, if needed.

j ) This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Republic of Turkey without regard to its conflict of law provisions and Istanbul commercial courts are authorised for any dispute and or claim.


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