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Dear User,

You will be able to present your products to various domestic and international markets. Our marketing team provide free of charge support to you in order to enable selling your products at international markets as your out of office “marketing department”.

As a supplier, you may add your products basis “ready for sale” to our web site by becoming our free member, just clicking on “Add Product” choice and so that, your product or services to be ready for presentation to national and international buyers.

Here-below, we are giving the user guide that simply explains step by step how to use our web site.

- Please browse ;

- Click on “New member” button under the “Member Entry” section at right hand of the web site.

- In the opened page, you will see on the screen two membership application forms that are titled as “Institutional Member” and “Personal Member” . If you are company, please fill in the form titled as “Institutional Member”, If you are individual then please fill in the form titled as “Personal Member”.

After filling in the related membership forms, please read The Agreement simply clicking on “I have read the agreement” button. After completion of reading, please close the agreement screen and click on the box nearby. And later click on the “Save” button below.

After following all steps, you may easily become our free “registered member”. From now on you can simply enter the web site by logging in your “email” and “password” at “Member Entry” section.

When you have entered into the page of your account, You can find your area at right hand at “Member Special Menu” Section.

In this section;

  • When you click on “Membership Details” button, you will see a form opened at new page titled as “institutional member” or “personal member”. That is optional form you to fill in the blank places in this form. You may also do that later, it is up to you.

  • When you click on “My Product List” Section, On new screen the list of products to be appeared which you added to the site earlier. When click on the specified product, you will see all of the information about ton the new page. You can update all information and images accordingly and save them.

  • When you click on “Add Product” button, A new page will be opened at where you can edit all information and images of the product that you aim to add system.

After editing the required information about your product top left, you can add 3

images (jpg or gif) related to your product top right. Below, in “Product Description

in English” section, please edit product's specifications, capacity, duration, if

available the warranty and any other essential information. After editing the

concerned information you will have included your product into our system.

  • When you click on “My Invoices” section, you can review the invoices issued for you and your issued invoices.

As you see above, it is so simple to become our member and to use our system.

When you add your product or products to our system, our national and international marketing team will be engaged on striving to find potential national and international buyers to your product or products. Moreover this service will be provided free of charge to you.

Do not miss this chance, become free of charge member to your new marketing consulter and meet with the world. .........

For more information, you can reach us from our following contact information.

With our kind regards,

Cpt. Mahmut Ozgur (MBA) (Marketing Manager) Aylan Nak. Co. Ltd.

Tel : 0216 441 79 54

Faks : 0216 441 79 37

GSM : 0538 635 77 69 (Cpt. Mahmut )

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